SIA Partner Prosecutes Unlicensed Door Supervisor

June 09, 2017

On 9 May, at Bristol Magistrates Court, the prosecution of Evans Fullerton Security Guarding Ltd and the director Martin Fullerton, was concluded.

This investigation began when our investigators conducted a customer site inspection on 8 December 2015, at the University Technical College in Salisbury.

During this inspection a security operative was discovered working without a licence, an offence under the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

Mr Fullerton was contacted about the unlicensed security operative employed by the business and on subsequent occasions he then failed to provide the information sought by us. This is an offence under the Private Security Industry Act.

Our Criminal Investigation Team made further enquiries and found that Evans Fullerton Security Guarding Limited had supplied unlicensed security guards under a contract for security services over a twelve month period.

Mr Fullerton refused to speak to us so a summons was served on both Mr Fullerton and the company for multiple offences under the Private Security Industry Act 2001. This included supplying unlicensed security operatives and failing to provide information to us.

At the initial hearing in February Mr Fullerton plead a guilty plea to failing to provide information and not guilty pleas to the other matters. However the court found the Mr Martin Fullerton and the company, Evans Fullerton Security Guarding Limited guilty of all charges.

The company, which has a motion for strike off, was fined a nominal amount of £1. Mr Fullerton as director was fined £1,000, ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £100 and instructed to pay the prosecution costs of £8,927.10.